Ideas for a Hosted Jaeger Tracing platform (Questions)

I am looking for ideas on a hosted jaeger tracing platform so we could also fund the development of jaeger.

There are a few questions i would like to know:

  1. What is the pain points of hosting jaeger tracing yourself?
  2. Would you want a hosted jaeger?
  3. Would you pay for hosted jaeger tracing? (Please include if you want a free tier, limited retention days for free tier/or any other suggestions)
  4. If you would like to pay for it, please state how much (in USD) per month and how much storage you would you normally utilize (in Gigabytes/Terabytes, please state)
  5. What storage providers do you normally use, or would like to use? (AWS S3/Google Cloud Storage or AzureBlob?)
  6. What other observability tools you would like to have as well (eg. Kiali)

If there are any more ideas/suggestions, please do write it here. Thank you!